Harley (registered as Handsome Harley D. of Maine) became a part of my family on December 22, 2003. He was everything everyone told me a Jack Russell Terrier would be - FULL OF ENERGY! As Harley grew older I realized that he was going to need more socialization and playtime with other dogs than I could give him.

I first learned of El Rancho Kennels when I needed to board Harley. I consulted with my veterinarian to see who they recommended. The said they tell all their patients "El Rancho Kennels". So without hesitation, Harley spent his first weekend away from home at El Rancho. The facility made me feel so comfortable that I felt very safe leaving "my baby" there and I returned to find an excited puppy who seemed to love the place.

So when I decided it was time for day care, there was no question where I was going to take him - El Rancho Kennels. Going to "school" as I call it makes Harley run to the door with his tail wagging so fast you can't even see it. He is SO excited to go which makes me feel like I'm doing a wonderful thing for my little guy and it’s all because of the big family at El Rancho. I wouldn't send him anywhere else.

They take care of Harley as if he were one of their own children. It’s amazing how much they do for the animals at a very affordable price.

For instance, I was having a very difficult time finding a dry food that Harley really liked. Dan was able to help me find a superb food for him that is an excellent source of all the nutrients dogs like Harley needs to stay healthy. And, I knew that Dan had done a great deal of research on this product and ALL the products he sells at El Rancho to make sure they are above and beyond the best—or they wouldn't be on his shelves.

I could go on forever about El Rancho but to sum it up... El Rancho Kennels is an extraordinary "home away from home", day-care, and groomer. I would not trust just anyone with my "best friend", but Dan, Stephanie and the rest of the "family" at El Rancho earned my TRUST right from the start.

Marlene J. Myslinski
Bangor, ME

“Thank you very much for the extraordinary care and support you provided for our dog Greg!”

P. Kriz and family

“Thank you so much for caring for Nova! He always has such a fun time and comes home and sleeps for 3 days! Thanks a lot!”

Sasha, Michael and Amara